Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 18 - Day 2

Hello! My name is Keith Moore, class of 2018. Our second day in Tokyo started with breakfast at the Olympic Center where we were staying. After that we attended a meeting with other schools participating in the New Perspectives program, where we discussed meeting our host families for the home stay portion of the trip.

Following that we made our way to Tokyo Tower. It's an orangish, reddish structure that looks similar to the Eiffel Tower. There, we went up to the observation level for breathtaking views of the city. Once that was over,we went to Odaiba Kaihin Koen, a park on the seashore. We had gotten lunch at the nearby convenience store to eat at the park. Then the rain come. It didn't ruin the fun, but added to the experience of being in Tokyo during the rainy season.

After trudging through the rain, we went to Miraikan, which is a museu. That showcases new science and technological advancements. While we didn't have time to view the whole place, the areas I visited focused on climate change and sustainability. It was fascinating how much focus the Japanese are putting on those two important topics.

The last tourist attraction for the day was Yasukuni Shrine, dedicated to all those that died fighting for the Japanese Nation. It was an I,port ant historical lesson.

Finally we went to a restaurant for Okonomiyaki a and Monjayaki. They are both mixtures of batter with flour, cabbage, and toppings of your choice served on a hot plate built into the table. The food

was delicious and unlike anything that can be found in Pittsburgh.

Following dinner, we made another stop at a convenience store and then headed to bed completely exhausted. We are only two days into the trip but has already been one of the best experiences. Tomorrow we leave for our home stays and we are all feeling a mixture of nervous and excited.

Tokyo Tower

Inside the Tower

Yasukuni Shrine

Before into a Shrine, it is respectful to wash your hands

The Okonomiyaki restaurant

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